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Stay One Step Ahead

By allowing us to manage your network, we can minimise downtime and ensure a continuously efficient operation. Our advanced monitoring systems allow us to identify any potential faults early on, meaning that we are often able to fix any issues before you are even aware of them. 

We are also able to roll out updates seamlessly and if we encounter an issue on one site that could potentially occur throughout others, we can create and roll out an update to prevent it happening anywhere else. 


Three packages for flexible network support


Business Hours

For businesses that operate within a typical working week and require support during this time.

Helpdesk and Equipment Monitoring:

Monday to Friday | 9am – 5pm


Extended Hours

For those that work extended hours such as bars, restaurants and contact centres.

Helpdesk and Equipment Monitoring:

Monday to Sunday | 7am – 11pm



For those of you who work around the clock and need support at any time of day, or night.

Helpdesk and Equipment Monitoring:


Focus on what's important

Let's talk about supporting your Network

Are you worried about what might happen if your network goes down, potentially bringing your business to an immediate halt? Don’t wait for it to happen to do something about it. Our experts are here to ensure that you have confidence in your IT and that, should the worst happen, you’ll be back up and running in no time. IT can be stressful and confusing, but ZOOC makes it easy!

    Are you ready for the PSTN switch off?

    It’s coming, sooner than you think, and it affects everyone! Don’t leave it until the last moment when demand will be high.