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Business Broadband

Based in Newton Abbot, we can provide Broadband to businesses across the South West (and in fact, the rest of the UK).

Broadband is provided through fixed single analogue phone lines (PSTN). The speed of your connection will depend on the distance between you, and your local telephone exchange. Signal deteriorates over distance, so the closer you are, the higher your speed. PTSN is the most widely used data connection in the UK, however BT will be switching off their PSTN and ISDN network in 2025. So the sooner you think about the effect this could have on your business, the better!

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ADSL Broadband

An older technology but often used where Fibre isn't available, ADSL Broadband (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) allows for a connection of up to 20Mbps download and up to 2Mbps upload.

Fibre Broadband

FTTC Broadband (Fibre to the Cabinet) offers one of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK and is now widely accessible. With download and upload speed capability reaching up to 80Mbps, FTTC is an attractive option for home or business use alike.

Mobile Broadband

Our mobile broadband uses 3G or 4G to connect you to the internet. It's very convenient for those that are consistently out of the office and can be used anywhere providing there is available signal. We provide SIM only contracts that will work across every network, ensuring you stay connected.

FTTP Broadband

FTTP Broadband (Fibre to the Premises), is sadly not yet widely available, but promises an affordable alternative to a leased line. FTTP is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 330Mbps and upload speeds of 30Mbps; the fastest broadband speeds on the UK network.

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Are you worried about what might happen if your broadband goes down, potentially bringing your business to an immediate halt? Don’t wait for it to happen to do something about it. Our experts are here to ensure that you have confidence in your network and that, should the worst happen, you’ll be back up and running in no time. IT can be stressful and confusing, but ZOOC makes it easy!

    Are you ready for the PSTN switch off?

    It’s coming, sooner than you think, and it affects everyone! Don’t leave it until the last moment when demand will be high.